For the People Who Cannot March: A Guide to Resistance

orangeAs so many reporters, columnists, bloggers, and (I am sure) some representatives have said since Friday, Welcome to a new world.  Although, it is not a new world.  This is the exact same world it always has been and the exact same country we have always resided.  The only difference is the American people have a misogynist, racist, and xenophobic Orange with a bad combover in the White House.

I can understand why it feels like a new world to most Americans who oppose an Orange representing America.  He has already issued executive orders impacting mortgages, international reproductive issues, and a hire freeze for the Federal Government.  That is only in the last few days.

If you happen to like the Orange (I refuse to call him by name nor will I call him President), than this post is definitely not for you.  Now, some of my fellow Americans of like mind or semi-like mind may feel a little despondent.  They have no clue how to resist the upcoming changes that may negatively affect their lives.

While marching is a great way to show solidarity and dissidence in our country (it seems Struggle-iconlike it is the favored way), not everyone can go out and march.  I feel your pain because I could not join the throngs of people that marched this weekend.  Unfortunately, I did not have the money to go to Washington DC nor could I take off work since I am paid hourly and have no benefits.

Instead, I thought about what I could do to show my objection to the current governing body or any law they would like to pass.  This is the information age where the answers are literally at our fingertips.  Here is what I came up with:

  1. Call or e-mail your representative to let them know what you think.  Are they passing laws you hate?  Are they repealing your right to affordable healthcare also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?  Let them know!  It is relatively easy if you have access to the internet.  (If you are reading this, you do).  Simply Google Who’s my representative.  Fortunately, I did the dirty work for you.  Just click HERE and you can even contact the White House HERE.
  2. You can use social media.  The Orange is always blowing up Twitter trolling whoever sneezes in his direction.  If you have a Twitter account and use it regularly, why not troll him and your disagreeable representatives?  Do you follow news organizations on Facebook?  I do.  Facebook is where I get all my news conveniently condensed into one convenient app.  I read through the news titles, click on the ones that interest me, and read the article.  If it is something that makes me angry and I think my friends should know, I share it with them.  You can do the same.  With the dog and pony show that has been going on through former President Obama’s years and the circus we currently have, the media is all over it.  Although, I would suggest making a specific friends list for anything political unless you welcome an all out verbal fight with your friends who just so happen to like Oranges.
  3. Start a blog.  Writing is a great way to help feel better.  If you want to feel better AND express your opinion in a public forum, I suggest blogging.  Getting a free blog is easier than you think.  If you are not picky about the details and find all the pesky personalization tedious, then pick a template and start writing.  I would suggest at least setting up the social media aspect of your blog page so a notice automatically goes out to your friends and family every time you post.  Plus it gives them the opportunity to like and share your posts through a myriad of social media options
  4. This next suggestion is more being a decent human being than resisting an authoritarian regime.  Remember your fellow Americans that will be affected by future government policies are those who are the most vulnerable.  No matter what their political preference, try to help them out.  Sometimes cooking a little extra food and sharing a meal with your neighbor is a big help.  Other times, it’s being there to listen or offer a hug.  There are small gestures that can make a big impact.  Depending on your perception, being nice to strangers is a type of resistance to a government who refuses to do the important duty of caring for the people.

Now these are things you can easily do at home or in your neighborhood.  What you should never do is talk politics in the workplace.  Frankly, it’s unprofessional.  I know that not all coworkers adhere to this one solid rule and it will piss you off.  Trust me, I had to live through it January 20th when a few of my coworkers just couldn’t keep a lid on their unwelcome political and insulting opinions.  I could not walk away for some of it so I zoned out, which is the advice I give you.  If a coworker decides to express their unwelcome political opinions, pretend to listen and zone out their voice.  I also do work through their diatribe so I can use the excuse that I am super busy.  Sometimes, my coworkers will get the hint I am not interested and walk away.

Most important, we must remember that this crappy government (even the Orange) works for us.  If they do not do what we say, we can oust them next election.  Food for thought and a note of positivity in this questionable time.

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