A Resistance Post: Is anyone else scared?

star-trek-the-next-generation-iconFrom people displaying memes of the character Jean Luke Picard from Star Trek the Next Generation that reads “Every morning I wake up, I’m like ‘Damage report'” to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s epic Trump burn saying if he were president, maybe most Americans can once again sleep at night.  There is truth in both those statements.  Since Mr. Trump has taken office, the sale on sleep aides has likely skyrocketed.

Tea Partiers always seem angry and negative.  Before the inauguration of Mr. Trump, they spent most of their days listening to blow-hards peddling false news to an audience who lapped up every word.

Then there are other Americans who simply spend their lives in a constant state of negativity.  Unfortunately, that is life.  Unless they find the courage to change it, negativity will always be a part of them.

So far this president has worried Muslims (Americans and immigrants alike), refugees (at home and abroad), Latinos (legal and illegal), most women, the LGBT Community, and other American’s for various reasons.  Unlike some of my fellow Americans, I can still sleep at night, but reading the daily news keeps me in a near constant state of anger and worry.  An American president, his cabinet, and Congress should not cause the American people sleepless nights, anger, worry, sadness, and any other strong, negative emotions.

dazzled-iconI am sure that past presidents have caused these emotions.  Former President Andrew Jackson creating the Federal Banking System likely caused some American negativity along with Abraham Lincoln overseeing troops during the Civil War, or Franklin D. Roosevelt prior to World War II.  Have they done it to this heightened extent, or to so many American people?  It seems the only people who are not worried are apathetic Americans and Tea Partiers.

Monday (February 13,2017), I gained a new, intense negative emotion caused by Mr. Trump:  Fear.

America has come close to nuclear war before.  There was the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 and close calls with the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) now known as Russia.  How many times have we come to nuclear annihilation by our own missiles?

As a former GOP candidate, Mr. Trump stated he would not take vacations.

“There’s just so much to be done,” Trump said after winning the presidential election. “So I don’t think we’ll be very big on vacations, no.”

Not only was the weekend before last his third straight weekend taking a vacation, his trips cost the tax payers $3 million dollars each time he travels via Air Force One to his Mar-a-Lago golf resort.  I do not care if he calls it his “Winter White House,” he is playing golf, which – to me – definitely counts as a vacation.  Perhaps he thinks it does not count because he brought the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with him.  Although, dragging a Prime Minister around a resort to show off to his Super PAC mega donors, schmoozing with his one-percenter pals, and rubbing elbows with other CEOs willing to “pay to play” for a top government position (Betsy DeVose anyone?) is known as a huge conflict of interest.  Do not forget the $200,000 membership to Mar-a-Lago includes an up close and in person view of Mr. Trump being “president” on the weekends.  They can pull Mr. Trump aside to have a say on policy and who he should choose as a Cabinet Member.  If they are super lucky, Mr. Trump will ask their advice on how to cheaply build his pointless wall.

Real estate executive Bruce Toll told the New York Times that he does occasionally discuss national policy issues, particularly when it comes to Trump’s plans to increase spending on infrastructure projects, when he sees Trump at Mar-a-Lago. According to Toll, Trump sometimes receives advice from other club members about what to do policy-wise.

Developer Richard LeFrak, a close friend of Trump’s, recounted a discussion at Mar-a-Lago last weekend during which Trump asked him for help with the proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico. Trump was unhappy with the projected cost of the wall, wanted to come up with a way to build it more cheaply, and suggested that the head of the Department of Homeland Security would give LeFrak a call to talk about it.

And according to an audio tape obtained by Politico from one of Trump’s New Jersey clubs that was also published on Saturday, Trump has asked his club members for their guidance selecting his cabinet appointees.

Smilie-money-iconA member can even take pictures with his cabinet members out on the scenic patio.  If a member is really lucky, they might watch Mr. Trump handle a National Security crisis usually requiring the White House Situation Room, or a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF).

SATURDAY EVENING, NORTH Korea launched a ballistic missile that traveled over 300 miles before crashing into the Sea of Japan—far enough to hint at the ability to drop a nuke on one of the US’ closest allies.

Naturally, President Trump discussed the matter with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was visiting the US, and National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. But here’s the problem: He did so in full view of guests at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, with smartphone cameras and flashlights pointed at presumably sensitive material.

It was perfectly fine for Mr. Trump to discuss matters of National Security with the Prime Minister of Japan since it does involve his own country, and we are allies.  What is not okay are the Mar-a-Lago civilian guests who were present with their cell phones, flashing pictures, and possibly capturing sensitive material for the world to see.  That is correct.  Not only are there pictures, but they were posted to Facebook.  I will give my readers a moment to reread that last sentence.  If that was not bad enough, a guest also posted a picture of him and someone who should never have his picture posted on social media let alone his name.

…Mr. Trump’s military aide responsible for carrying the nuclear “football” — the briefcase that contains codes for launching nuclear weapons.

So there is now a picture of the guy in charge of carrying our nuclear weapons codes floating around the internet.  It does not matter that the photo is now “sanitized.”  When it was first posted, it was not.  What is placed on the internet will always be on the internet.  Several media organizations and – I am sure – nefarious people likely took plenty of screen shots of the original picture.  (Anyone else notice that it was an old rich white dude who posted that picture to Facebook?!)  I do not know about you, my dear readers, but after reading the above quoted line I turned white from shock.  Later, I definitely felt a fair amount of fear and extreme anger.  I am not even afraid to admit I cried over the egregiously blatant disregard for our Country’s wellbeing.

Mr. Trump appears to enjoy presenting the spectacle of his presidency to those at his privately held club…

Mr. Jackass Trump is basically putting us all in danger to make a buck.  I feel completely justified in my fear when an idiot and his rich (also morally questionable) cronies are leading the country.  (I guess you have to be severely stupid and greedy to have more money than most of the globe).

Smiley-grumpy-2-iconWhat makes my blood boil are the aides, cabinet members, Secret Service, National Security Members, Speaker of the House, other members of Congress, and even the civilian guests.  None of them thought this was a problem?  Not one person spoke up.  No one said, “Gee, this is a national security issue, those documents and the whole scene I’m witnessing seems serious so I really shouldn’t take a picture”?  Not one security member or aide thought to mention to Mr. Trump, “Hey, this deals with the security of the American people.  Maybe we shouldn’t discuss these things outside?”  How about the aide carrying the nuclear “football?”  Why did he not say, “No you cannot take my picture because of National Security” and perhaps, “I don’t want to die”?  Whatever happened to the power of a simple “No”?

More and more people are losing respect and trust in Mr. Trump.  Those last two quotes I presented are from the New York Times.  Notice they use “Mister” as Mr. Trump’s title and not “President?”  It is not just corporate print media (excluding Faux Fox News) have little to no respect and trust in Mr. Trump.  Neither do American Intelligence agencies.  We are talking the spy community, people.  They alert us to potential threats so we can be ready.

There is more consequential IC pushback happening, too. Our spies have never liked Trump’s lackadaisical attitude toward the President’s Daily Brief, the most sensitive of all IC documents, which the new commander-in-chief has received haphazardly. The president has frequently blown off the PDB altogether, tasking Flynn with condensing it into a one-page summary with no more than nine bullet-points. Some in the IC are relieved by this, but there are pervasive concerns that the president simply isn’t paying attention to intelligence.

Everything I have laid out is worse than a horror movie or a particularly chilling thriller.  If this does not make most Americans more concerned, apathetic Americans start to get concerned, or raise a flag or two to the white supremacist Tea Partiers, maybe a nuclear fallout with our own weapons will.  That is, if anyone other than the one-percenters survive.  (Seriously, people might have found money to build bunkers in the 50s, but who can find that kind of cash laying around these days)?

Furthermore, there is the issue of the potential Russian ties to Mr. Trump, his cabinet members, and the Republican party.  On Valentine’s Day, Michael Flynn was “forced to resign” (a. k. a., fired) from his National Security post for calling the Russian Ambassador the day former President Obama placed sanctions on Russia for hacking an American election.

Mr. Trump blamed news media leaks for Michael Flynn’s dismissal.  He might think media leaks are bad, but in this budding “worse than Watergate” situation, media leaks are my new favorite thing in the world.

This whole circumstance brings up one big question:  How many of America’s top government officials are involved in the Russian conspiracy?  The government is controlled by the Republicans who, I suspect, also have ties to Russia.  The Senate did launch an inquiry into the Russian hacking allegations, which will take a while.

Republican leaders are not promising a quick turnaround.

Burr surmised that it would take months to “aggressively” comb through all the intelligence pertaining to the suspected hacking, given that the scale and extent aren’t yet clear. And Republican leaders are clearly waiting on the intelligence panels to take the lead.

As for the Michael Flynn case, Senate Republicans are oddly reluctant to investigate.  Now, the American people are starting to ask who knew about Flynn’s Russian involvement.  Enter Rep. John Chaffetz (R-UT).  Last post I mentioned his accusations that his town hall meeting constituents were replaced with liberal organization paid rabble rousers.  Their main purpose was to bully him.  Surely, none of his constituents would be disappointed in his work?

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said Tuesday that his panel won’t investigate the circumstances that led to Michael Flynn stepping down Monday as President Trump’s national security adviser.

Instead, Chaffetz deferred to the House Intelligence Committee, which is already investigating Russia’s attempt to influence the presidential elections, a scope that includes campaign communications with the Russian government.

“I think that situation has taken care of itself. I know that the Intel committee is looking into the hacking issue,” Chaffetz told reporters.

Since the House Intelligence Committee is already looking into the Russian hacking case, why not give them more work?  Where is the passion and drive?  Where is the righteous indignation that Russia might have a big influence on top officials within the American government?  No worries, “that situation has taken care of itself.”

What does Senator Rand Paul have to say about the situation?  Surely, he would have something scathing to say about the Trump administration and demand swift action?

Republican Sen. Rand Paul said Tuesday an investigation into the resignation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn would be excessive and it would not make sense to investigate other Republicans.

I guess not.  Lately, Sen. Paul has been going against his Libertarian leanings by voting for Sen. Jeff Beauregard Sessions as Attorney General.  Sessions is for the “War on Drugs,” and he is a staunch supporter of mass incarceration (which means he is likely being paid by the private prison industry), and Libertarians are generally against the War on Drugs and mass incarceration.  I thought they would also be against a Russian influence on the American Government.  Apparently not.

While growing up, American children learn a lot of things:  Respect the flag, American military service members are heroes (even though the government does not treat them as such), and Russia is bad (even though the Cold War ended in 1991).

Now we have a president who ignorantly endangers the safety of the American people for money, has possible ties to Russia, has aides communicating with Russia, Republicans obviously unwilling to investigate any of these travesties appearing to aid and abet these treasonous people, and people staunchly supporting Mr. Trump.  None of them see any reason to “Drain the Swamp” the 99-percenters live in.  Please tell me I am not the only one concerned.


The argument against apathy in a time of Resistance.

anger-iconIn the past, I have had problems regularly writing a blog post for my readers.  It was due to lack of passion and motivation for any topic that entered my mind.  Lately, it is too much passion and far too many words crowding my reeling mind.

Since the Oval Office Orange (changed from White House Orange because alliteration is cool) started his dubious dictatorship, my anger has been inspiring as it has been for millions of Americans.  I am not the only one inspired by his questionable leadership.

Saturday Night Live has made an impressive come back from comedy that rarely inspires a chuckle to laughter that leaves a person gasping for air.  The Orange’s administration has helped Trevor Noah fully integrate into The Dailey Show.  While Jon Stewart retired from the show because – face it – politics was frustratingly depressing topic, he appears sporadically with Stephen Colbert to make us laugh.  The passion of these comedians is felt in their jokes (especially Alec Baldwin), and they are fueled by the same anger that fuels me.  Furthermore, comedy is their entertaining way of protesting.

Most other Americans have the ability to march, protest, and literally stand against the fascist pigs in the process of tearing our government down from the inside out.

In my last post, I stipulated some people were not able to get out and physically protest for various reasons (i.e., job, physical disability, children, etc.).  They are people who want to help, but do not know another way other than walking the streets with a sign.  I used my own experiences and readings to provide a handy list, which I would like to add a little something to that list now.  Every little chance to resist helps the greater cause.

If it seems like I am writing about a war, I am.  It maybe a metaphorical war, but it has all the makings of a vicious fight.

USA-Flag-iconWritings from the 18th Century Enlightenment Era Founding Fathers exist to emboldened the reader as they are the very foundation of our country.  It is important to hear their voices when we need them most and learn from them.  I always thought and felt their patriotic passions and beliefs flow in the veins of all Americans whether they are natural born or naturalized.  The words life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness echoes in our hearts because it is our right.

Apparently, that was most Americans.

There are some Americans (e.g., Matthew McConaughey) who do not seem to feel that calling, who are not angered by the actions of our government.  Those particular Americans are not happy about it, and they only seem to care about anything that pertains only to their existence.

At least the Oval Office Orange’s base, The Tea Baggers Partiers, are patriotically passionate albeit woefully misguided and embarrassingly undereducated.  I can find a sliver of admiration for that despite their crazed white supremacist attitude.

What I cannot stand are the clueless Americans who – in my livid and most valid opinion – stand aside and simply do not care to understand because of their indifference.  Either that or they think that skimming the surface of American life is fine.

Apathetic Americans are the people who compare the Muslim Ban to locking the doors of a house at night.  Not to keep people out, but to keep your loved ones safe (per some deranged meme going around Facebook).  They never bother to look at the exact details or realize that “Muslim” is a religion and not a country, which makes the ban obviously unconstitutional (1st Amendment).  Apathetic Americans must also think that the Ban will solve our terror problem most of which stem from American terrorists.  Furthermore, they do not read enough news to realize that Muslim Americans are not the only ones who are targeted by this administration.

Illegal immigrants from Mexico who have lived here for a few decades are targeted.  Then there is the issue of an environmentally dangerous wall proposal that will cost billions and be paid for by the tax payers – not Mexico.  The Mexican President pretty much told the Oval Office Orange to f**k off (in the most diplomatic way possible).

Apathetic Americans breezily wonder why their fellow Americans – in their opinion – needlessly leave their homes almost every weekend to protest these horrifying changes the administration’s attempting to enact.  They ask why people do not work with the Oval Office Orange rather than fight against him (see the link attached to Matthew McConaughey above).  Apathetic Americans do not want to understand that working with him is equal to allowing a near treasonous administration the right to create an American style Nazi Regime.

For those fellow Americans, I give you the words of Patrick Henry who said it best in On the Resolution to Put the Commonwealth into a State of Defense, which was delivered before the Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775.

They tell us, sir, that we are weak, unable to cope with so formidable an adversary.  But when shall we be stronger?  Will it be the next week or the next year?  Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house?  Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction?  Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?  Sir, we are not weak, if we make a proper use of those means which … nature hath placed in our power.  Three millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us.  There is a just God who presides over the battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave…

It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter.  Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace, but there is not peace…  Why stand we here idle?  What is it that gentlemen wish?  What would they have?  Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to slavery?  …I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

UK-iconFirst, note that this was written in the 18th Century Enlightenment Era.  It was a different world not only for the obvious lack of electronics, but for the blatantly unchecked patriarchal mentality and racism.  Most of the written works of the Founding Fathers (and the Constitution) are white dude centric since the Founding Fathers were – ironically – rich white dudes.  They were amazing Enlightenment visionaries when it came to building a government, yet unsurprisingly short-sighted in other areas (product of the times).  While the Founding Fathers were painfully aware they were all from mostly European immigrant and outcasts, people of color were not considered as a factor and slaves were PROPERTY.  Besides, the landed gentry considered themselves British citizens until Benjamin Franklin was laughed out of Parliament.  Then it became painfully clear that New Englanders (us) would never be afforded the rights of citizens from the Mother Country.

Second, the most published and read book at the time was likely the Bible.  I would not be surprised if 18th Century children learned to read from it.  The Founding Fathers were very much for the separation of church and state, but still have reference to God in their writings.

Third, America was gearing towards a battle with the British (for those of you who attended a school where Social Studies was considered “expendable”).  In the 21st Century, we call the epic underdog story the American Revolution.  At the time they referred to it as a Civil War between England and New England (us).

As we have grown as a country, our Constitution (a living document) has grown to be inclusive of all sexes and races.  I would like to think our Enlightenment Era Founding Fathers would be straight forward thinkers – despite being rich white dudes – if they were alive today, and I will interpret their writings as such: inclusive.

They tell us, sir, that we are weak, unable to cope with so formidable an adversary.

In this section of Patrick Henry’s speech, he says the people are not as weak as, likely, some of the world – including the British – believed they were.  Today, this nation is still not weak.  The Oval Office Orange and his Legion of Doom (i.e., Cabinet Members) believe most Americans are weak because they equate power with wealth.  The more money in the Cayman Islands account (the one they all have to avoid taxes), the more political power.  Additionally, the Galactic Empire (i.e., Republicans) that currently controls the House of Representatives and Senate are using the Orange’s antics to ram through governmentally corrosive and populace-hurting legislation thinking no one will notice.  (I am channeling comic books and Star Wars as an analogy.  Sue me).

Henry goes on to tell people to not be fearful or apathetic.  Sitting down and watching events unfold will not make anything better, having their fellow country people march and cry out in their stead while they shrug it off makes the Apathetic American, in my livid opinion, an awful person.  I would go so far as to call Apathetic Americans, Un-American.  Unfortunately, it is their constitutional right to be a jerk.  While I disagree with their idiotic mentality, like I said – our Constitution gives them that right and I must defend it as I denounce their idiocy.

Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house?  Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction?  Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?

agt-runit-iconHe likens inaction to submitting to slavery, which still holds true since the Orange and the Galactic Empire are interested in Right to Work legislation.  This law is known as the Union Killer, or Right to Work for Less.  Unions are responsible for the wages we currently earn, decent working conditions, and weekends.  Without unions to arbitrate, employers could lower wages and demand their employees work weekends.  Why do you think fast food workers want to unionize?  Because, among other things, they want to put in a 40+ hour work week and not rely on food stamps and Housing and Urban Development assistance.  Either way, without the protection of Unions, we would be very close to slaves.  It also does not help that the Orange’s Secretary of Labor pick CKE CEO, Pudzer, is known by his employees for wage theft and sexual harassment.  He also has law suites pending from those hard working employees.

As Henry so passionately states, we are not weak.  Already, the Galactic Empire has temporarily backed away from repealing the Affordable Care Act (famously known as “Obamacare”) because of the public backlash.  Although, that backlash is continuing since the Galactic Empire still vows to “repeal and replace,” which every replacement idea sounds exactly like the system we had before the Affordable Care Act.  They insist that Americans should have access to healthcare.  As the lovely Sen. Bernie Sanders (I – VT) stated, every American has access to healthcare we cannot afford.  What we need is affordable healthcare.  Fortunately, most Americans are not accepting the Galactic Empire’s dog and pony show anymore.

Bully-Scholarship-Edition-1-iconThe Republican Congressmen have full voicemails from angered constituents.  They are canceling or running away from Town Hall meetings because they cannot face those angry constituents.  Even though, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R – UT) is convinced the angry town hall attendees are not his constituents, but pretenders who were paid to bully him.

For a short time in December, the Native Americans convinced the government to stop building the environmentally dangerous Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).  Then Orange took office and ordered the immediate easement for the pipeline violating more laws.  These are admittedly small victories, but they are still victories which can lead to bigger victories.  The American people will have a long hard road to get those big victories, and some of us may feel a little fatigued yet we will keep fighting.

The American Revolution was fought with muskets and cannons.  Our war is fought with protests and social media.  We are using the Judicial system as our front line, and we are pouring money into the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) – who are recently getting impressive donations – for that purpose.  This is the beginning of our fifth week of fighting, and we will not back down till we win.

It is clear the Orange and the Galactic Empire would like us to lay down so they can peacefully trample us and enslave us.  Yet, we refuse to make anything easy.  Some of the American people may remain apathetic.  I choose to fight with the weapons of sharp words and vicious rhetoric.

I will not abide a president who is worse than a child, one who is obviously illiterate and lead by an undereducated white supremacist who walks around with a never-read pocket Constitution.  Even if he tried to read it, he would not understand it.

It is repugnant for billionaires, Congressional Republicans, and spineless corporate Democrats to expect the American people to stand aside as they ruin our air, drinking water, and the ground beneath our feet.  All for the corporate bottom line and appeasement to their so-called friends.

Last, the efforts of the Galactic Empire in attempting to force women into, or maintain, a subservient role is beyond disgusting.  The “men know best” attitude is harmful to the women of our nation.  They refuse to realize that while women’s bodies have a few things in common with theirs, there are still vast differences.  They specifically shut down women for having an opinion like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on the Senate floor when Struggle-iconshe attempted to read Coretta Scott King’s letter in opposition to Sen. Jeff Session’s U.S. Attorney General nomination.  Meanwhile, two other white male Senators who read the letter were allowed to do so without reprecussions. 

This is why it is more important for women to lead the charge, especially women of different races and ages and transgender women.  We should be seen as equal and not be defined by our sexuality and race for we are all Americans.

Alternative names for Trump (More fun than Alternative Facts)

Want more?  HERE is a site that lists much more and nicknames for his friends, family, movement, etc.

For the People Who Cannot March: A Guide to Resistance

orangeAs so many reporters, columnists, bloggers, and (I am sure) some representatives have said since Friday, Welcome to a new world.  Although, it is not a new world.  This is the exact same world it always has been and the exact same country we have always resided.  The only difference is the American people have a misogynist, racist, and xenophobic Orange with a bad combover in the White House.

I can understand why it feels like a new world to most Americans who oppose an Orange representing America.  He has already issued executive orders impacting mortgages, international reproductive issues, and a hire freeze for the Federal Government.  That is only in the last few days.

If you happen to like the Orange (I refuse to call him by name nor will I call him President), than this post is definitely not for you.  Now, some of my fellow Americans of like mind or semi-like mind may feel a little despondent.  They have no clue how to resist the upcoming changes that may negatively affect their lives.

While marching is a great way to show solidarity and dissidence in our country (it seems Struggle-iconlike it is the favored way), not everyone can go out and march.  I feel your pain because I could not join the throngs of people that marched this weekend.  Unfortunately, I did not have the money to go to Washington DC nor could I take off work since I am paid hourly and have no benefits.

Instead, I thought about what I could do to show my objection to the current governing body or any law they would like to pass.  This is the information age where the answers are literally at our fingertips.  Here is what I came up with:

  1. Call or e-mail your representative to let them know what you think.  Are they passing laws you hate?  Are they repealing your right to affordable healthcare also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?  Let them know!  It is relatively easy if you have access to the internet.  (If you are reading this, you do).  Simply Google Who’s my representative.  Fortunately, I did the dirty work for you.  Just click HERE and you can even contact the White House HERE.
  2. You can use social media.  The Orange is always blowing up Twitter trolling whoever sneezes in his direction.  If you have a Twitter account and use it regularly, why not troll him and your disagreeable representatives?  Do you follow news organizations on Facebook?  I do.  Facebook is where I get all my news conveniently condensed into one convenient app.  I read through the news titles, click on the ones that interest me, and read the article.  If it is something that makes me angry and I think my friends should know, I share it with them.  You can do the same.  With the dog and pony show that has been going on through former President Obama’s years and the circus we currently have, the media is all over it.  Although, I would suggest making a specific friends list for anything political unless you welcome an all out verbal fight with your friends who just so happen to like Oranges.
  3. Start a blog.  Writing is a great way to help feel better.  If you want to feel better AND express your opinion in a public forum, I suggest blogging.  Getting a free blog is easier than you think.  If you are not picky about the details and find all the pesky personalization tedious, then pick a template and start writing.  I would suggest at least setting up the social media aspect of your blog page so a notice automatically goes out to your friends and family every time you post.  Plus it gives them the opportunity to like and share your posts through a myriad of social media options
  4. This next suggestion is more being a decent human being than resisting an authoritarian regime.  Remember your fellow Americans that will be affected by future government policies are those who are the most vulnerable.  No matter what their political preference, try to help them out.  Sometimes cooking a little extra food and sharing a meal with your neighbor is a big help.  Other times, it’s being there to listen or offer a hug.  There are small gestures that can make a big impact.  Depending on your perception, being nice to strangers is a type of resistance to a government who refuses to do the important duty of caring for the people.

Now these are things you can easily do at home or in your neighborhood.  What you should never do is talk politics in the workplace.  Frankly, it’s unprofessional.  I know that not all coworkers adhere to this one solid rule and it will piss you off.  Trust me, I had to live through it January 20th when a few of my coworkers just couldn’t keep a lid on their unwelcome political and insulting opinions.  I could not walk away for some of it so I zoned out, which is the advice I give you.  If a coworker decides to express their unwelcome political opinions, pretend to listen and zone out their voice.  I also do work through their diatribe so I can use the excuse that I am super busy.  Sometimes, my coworkers will get the hint I am not interested and walk away.

Most important, we must remember that this crappy government (even the Orange) works for us.  If they do not do what we say, we can oust them next election.  Food for thought and a note of positivity in this questionable time.

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A Month of Unfortunate Events

September was looking bright.  August brought beginnings and some misfortune.  Surely, September would be far better.  Maybe it was my turn, maybe life was attempting to balance itself to make room for future good fortune, or maybe someone decided to curse the bejesus out of me.

No matter how hard we plan, bad luck is unavoidable.

Old-House-iconIt started on a mild Labor Day night.  The ninety degree weather was tapering off into a comfortable low seventies.  I gathered the trash to take out to the curb for the trash collectors who may or may not show.  Sometimes, we can never tell what their schedule will be after a holiday weekend.  Best to take the trash out to the curb on the regular night just in case.

I walked through the house with trash bag in hand, shoes with no socks on my feet, and wearing comfortable pajamas.  My friend, “A,” was in the corner of the utility room blocking my way to the door.  I didn’t stop to ask why she was there, yet I was about to ask her to move to the side so I could pass.

Instead she tells me to check the floor in front of the wall where we store the water heater.  I looked and nothing seemed different.  She told me to walk closer.  “A” was known for her trivial explications.  It’s often frustrating when I have to delve into my worldly knowledge to get a simple answer.

Still, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong, which I told her.  She insisted I keep walking toward the wall until I notice.  I humored her moving step by step towards the wall.  My nose almost touched the tacky wallpaper until the floor gave beneath my foot.  I immediately stepped back with my eyes wide.  If anyone was certain about the concrete purpose of any type of floor, they would know that it shouldn’t move when weight is applied.

We undid the screws holding the piece of wall in place to uncover the water heater.  It seemed at a precarious angle and the floor beneath was completely soaked through.  Thinking back, I was amazed that the water heater didn’t drop through the floor!

Hurriedly, we turned the valve next to the unit cutting off the flow of water…supposedly to the water heater.  Then “A” called the community managers and the insurance agency.

While she was on the phone, I finished taking out the trash.  I noticed dark clouds in the sky – even for nighttime – and lighting skipping across the ominously fluffy waves.  As thunder rumbled from a distance, I felt a chill run up my spine.  Is this what literary authors mean when they feel, “someone walking across their grave?”

A ludicrous thought since there were presumedly still alive when they wrote those words.  (Currently, so am I though it’s sometimes highly debatable).  Yet, there was no other way to describe the foreboding feeling.

The next day was overcast.  There was a threat of rain in the air, and that’s all it was, a threat that never delivered.

I left for work in the morning knowing “A” would be at home to field the workmen, make the necessary calls, and make sure everything was done to perfection.  “A” would accept nothing less since she is an incorrigible perfectionist.

Besides, what is there to worry about?  Everything being done was an inconvenience.  Conversely, we were actually a little happy that this incident occurred.

The house floor was made up of a flimsy bit of sawdust and at least, the utility room would get the sawdust replaced with something sturdier.  The insurance would cover the repairs minus the deductible.  What was insurance for if not to help with the repairs when something goes wrong with the house?

That was stupid, naive thinking on my part.  I should know insurance only exists to suck hundreds of dollars out of people’s paychecks once or twice a year, then back out of their responsibility.  Greedy jerks!

In the middle of the day, while still at work, I received a text from “A” stating that the damages were costly (we knew they would be) and the insurance refused to pay.  They called the cause of the damage “owner neglect.”  We would have to pay for the repairs out of pocket, which means taking out a loan.  Furthermore, we had to call a roofer because a suspicious water spot appeared on the ceiling of our kitchen.

We managed to get the loan for the utility room.  The roof was another matter.  Apparently, the company we hired to repair the roof a few years back used trainees and never sent an experienced roofer to inspect the roof.  Now, we had to pay three hundred dollars.  When all the nickel and diming was done, our paychecks were gone.  We had to rely on credit cards and money owed to us by friends for food and gas for our cars.

This hasn’t been the worst situation, it just makes things a little uncomfortable and enforces a diet we didn’t want.

Apple-iconAdding to the misfortune are weeks of uncooperative students.  It doesn’t help that students seem to have a “sub switch.”

Somewhere in their brains is a switch that’s flipped when a substitute teacher enters the room.  Good classes are bad, and bad classes are good.  I suppose it’s good the teachers of the school have good classes.  It just means that I go home with a headache at the end of the day.  Furthermore, it’s a public school fact students act up during the full moon and when the weather is nice.  We’ve since had both making the students extra difficult.

Then I find out a coworker was dissatisfied with my work.  (I’d rather not go into details because it’s still a touchy subject with me).  I guess I’m lucky she didn’t file a negative report with the office.  No matter how hard we wish it, no matter how good at the job, we can’t please everyone all the time.

Finally, there’s the icing on the cake.

This morning started like most mornings.  I get up, I eat breakfast, and I pull myself together.  The weather’s sunny with a light breeze and I decide to wear my favorite hoodie to work.  Since I start work early, there’s little traffic hassle and I make it to work a little early.  After I park, I gather up my things, make sure to lock the door, and make the long walk through the parking lot to work.  Subs have the worst parking spots.

Except this month isn’t an ordinary month, which means I should have my guard up at all times.

Auto-Angry-iconI didn’t walk two steps away from my car when I noticed a light noise emanating from the hood of my car.  The car was still running…and I locked my keys in the car.

In a panic, I try to think.  I could get the Resource Officer to jimmy my car door.  That wouldn’t work.  Ten years ago, another officer tried to jimmy my door to find it jimmy proof.

What about “A”?  She works twenty-six miles away, would have to take off work, and drive home in rush hour traffic to give me the key to my car.  Then I remember.  “A” was at home, which was a very short drive away.

I was late to work despite being in the parking lot.

Yes, this month was highly unlucky.  Yet, I have to remember that there are people in this world who live through the worst of life everyday.  I’ve had a month of unfortunate events.  Somedays I felt like a character in a sadistic author’s book.  I have to remember that things happen, and I have to ride out the storm until it blows through.  Chocolate chip cookies help.

UPDATE 9/25:  We had a flat tire.  Need more cookies.


Job Rejection: The good, the bad, and the depressing…

This past week I had a job interview and I was rejected.  While the rejection wasn’t done in one damning sentence (it was a very nice rejection), the feelings that followed didn’t change.

The job listing was unexpected nor did I see it on an actual job list.  The employee before decided to quit three weeks before school started.  I happened to hear it through word of mouth.

Resume-iconI updated my information through the county job server.  Yet, I also sent my cover letter an resume to the head of District Human Resources.  It was a move I’ve never done before.  I was desperate and the worst the head of HR could do was trash the e-mail.  Fortunately, she didn’t do that and forwarded it to the right people.  A day later, I was called for an interview.

This was my first interview for a full-time job with salary and benefits, which is fast becoming a myth it’s so rare.  Sometimes, I think winning the lottery is more common in this economy.

The interviewers were familiar to me yet I still had mild nervous jitters.  If the interviewers were strangers, I would have been a mess.

I was half an hour early to the interview.  There was an errand I needed to run and I was completed it faster than anticipated.  It was fine.  I chatted with the other secretaries and tried to get my stomach to settle.

I was dressed in my best business attire wearing my lucky bracelet.  My bracelet was out of place with what I wore.  Yet, it was lucky and as mom said, “It’s whimsical.”  I’m very much a whimsical person.

Before my stomach decided to run away and join the circus, I was called into the office.  I can’t remember if I smiled or looked like I wanted to faint.

They had a copy of my resume in front of them with a few placement errors they likely never noticed.  The “Objective” located glaringly at the top just under my name and contact information.  These days, an objective on a resume is redundantly passé since the cover letter already states everything…  My cover letter was no where in sight.

The introductory questions were skipped since they already knew me.  They went straight to coworker chemistry and hypothetical situation problem solving.  I answered each question honestly (some answers – mom would later inform me – were naive in their honestness) and used some of my experience to help answer questions.

As I shook hands and left the office, I felt good about the interview.  In retrospect, I knew I didn’t get the job.  I pushed the feeling aside in my determination to be positive.

The position was for the Administrative Associate to an Assistant Principal.  The AP I would “supposedly” work under was there.  While I did well in the interview, I knew the ultimate decision would be based on personality.  Specifically, how the AP would see us working together.  Would we clash, would my personality eclipse him, or would we work well together?

The Principal said she would call the next day.  I knew she wouldn’t since I was helping out with Registration.  Why waste the call?

I didn’t find out the next day.  It was the day after.agt-runit-icon

The Principal knew why I was there waiting for her and welcomed me into her office.  Before, I was waiting my turn with my stomach in knots, yet I had this premonition that I didn’t get the job.

It was a preposterous premonition since I’ve been working at the District for four years.  I’m hard working, intelligent, and a fast thinker.  They know me.  Why wouldn’t I get the job?

Unfortunately, the premonition was correct.

No one wants to be rejected especially for a job.  Even though the way the Principal rejected me was awesome.  The woman’s a rock star.  Sure, I was rejected and I’m a little depressed about it.  I would have been worse if she hadn’t complimented and given me hope at the same time.

I know I’ll get a job yet rejection, no matter how nice, still sucks.

It’s not that the Principal or AP think I’m lacking.  I was one of nine strong applicants and they were still deciding between two people when I received my rejection.

Yet, rejection is worse when bills, family, and a rusting car are on the brain.  Worse, I was informed by the nonprofit contracted by the Federal Government taking care of my student loans that I’m accruing interest per day.  We’re not talking cents or a few dollars, it’s $15 and change.  Since I haven’t been paying the interest because…you know…other immediate monthly bills, my loans are growing bigger.

I’m on an Income Based Rate (IBR) plan that says I don’t have to pay anything since I have very little money.  They still expect me to come up with money to cover the $15+ dollar a day interest.

Graduate-female-iconThey broke me.  I cried.  A rejection plus a reminder that I’m making so little that I can’t pay that stupid interest made me feel inhuman, worthless, an utterly needless member of society.

So I came to a conclusion.  I’ll get my PhD, accrue more debt, one of these days get a full-time State job to qualify for their stupid “forgiveness” program, and the Federal Government with their contracted loan sharks can kiss my tibus. 

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Religious Zealots Acting Monstrously

Legalized_BullyingI’m sure most of my readers know about Thursdays Supreme Court ruling regarding buffer zones in front of Women’s Clinics.  If you don’t, let me fill you in along with reason why I (and most sane people) think they’re necessary.

The Supreme Court on Thursday decided that Buffer Zones in front of Women’s Clinics impeded the free speech of religious nut job protestors.  (Even if they aren’t religiously affiliated, a laughably “pro-life” protestor in front of a Women’s Clinic is still a nut job).

Buffer Zone laws were designed to protect clinic patients (women) from overly aggressive protesters.  These protesters from zealoted religious origins would like the American public, possibly the world, to believe that they’re little old ladies talking to patients quietly and calmly about why they shouldn’t get an abortion.  That’s not true.

For reference, I offer the stories told by volunteer clinic escorts.  Their job is to escort the clinic patient safely into the clinic and sometimes, to keep protesters from violently touching the patient when she’s trying her best to ignore their overly vile vitriol.  Sometimes they even keep the boyfriend, spouse, or parent from going after protestors when their harsh language has made the protector’s loved one cry.

DSCN0491These protesters aren’t just guilty of physical and verbal abuse of patients regardless of their reason for going to a clinic.  (After all, women have other feminine needs other than getting an abortion).  The protestors obstruct traffic, clinic entrances, and block close parking spots.  They intentionally make it so the patient has to run through a violent a verbal (sometimes violent) obstacle course of abuse before making it through the door of a clinic.  Some patients don’t even make it to the door before they’re turning around and running back to their car.  Sometimes they reschedule their appointment and sometimes they don’t go back at all.  Hence the importance of the Buffer Zone at Women’s Clinics.  

Furthermore, the next ironical point has been hammered into the ground, yet I think it still bares repeating:  The Supreme Court has it’s own Buffer Zone.

Still can’t believe religious protesters are abusive bullies despite the numerous stories and video evidence to the contrary?  I have my own run in with religious zealots.  It wasn’t to an exasperated degree as the insanity outside Women’s Clinics.  Yet, it was surprisingly verbally abusive.

I was a teen at the time when I went against religious nut jobs…twice.  They called me illiterate, idiot, slut, and they even threatened me twice.

When I was fifteen, I attended a school board meeting where a group of religious activists tried to get educational R rated movies banned in classrooms.  I had just completed U. S. History (from the Pilgrims to the 1980’s) in summer school and watched an R movie in Early American History.  (That’s how I learned about the intended ban.)

My mom was happy to take me to the meeting and participate.  She’s all about unobstructed knowledge along with political and intellectual activism.  

The board meetings were generally held in the cafeteria, a massive room where one side was set up with chairs with a pathway between the chairs.  That pathway was set up for people who wish to voice their opinion wait in line to speak.  

On one side of the isle were the religious group and their supporters, on the other side were educators and parents against the ban.  Mom and I were standing in the back of the seated group since we didn’t show up early enough to grab a seat.  

It was definitely a spectacle, I should have brought popcorn.

The religious activist to speak was a lady seated in one of the front seats.  She daintily rose from her chair, holding a shoebox.  In dramatic fashion, she opened the box placing the lid under the box and pulling out sports medals.  She proceeded to plop a medal in front of each board member.

I don’t remember much about her speech.  Essentially, she said R movies ruined her teen, turned her daughter down the wrong path of life.  She said that R movies give teens bad ideas, movies like Schindler’s List with pictures of naked people gave teens highly sexual ideas. 

bubble-plastic-icon copyHer last point, teens finding Schindler’s List sexual was highly insulting.  I remember thinking any teenager who found scenes of emaciated, skeletal individuals in a concentration camp sexual needed sever psychiatric help.  This woman likely never saw the movie since it went against her religion.

My mom was up next.  She spoke her mind and used her allotted time wisely.  Each point she made was met with a combination of cheers, boos, and hisses.  What struck me were the derogatory and argumentative comments being yelled by the religious group.  They were so filled with hate, I was surprised that a religious group would do something so negative.  Weren’t they supposed to respect others?

After that, a long line of volunteers from the crowed lined up down the middle isle to give their opinions.  We heard from other religious parents, other parents, teachers, one former student, etc.

It was the former student that motivated me to stand in line.  She stood behind the podium to give her opinion.  In the middle of her speech, the religious organization began with their comments.  

They called her slut, taunted her, and laughed at her.  This religious group verbally bullied this poor girl.

These comments were so filled with hate and venom that the former student started crying to the point she couldn’t finish her speech.  I saw her walk swiftly out of the room.

At that point, I took a good look at the line and wondered where the current students were.  I saw some in the audience watching everything.  Yet, no one intended to go up to speak.  

I walked to the end of the line and waited my turn.  After all, I was no stranger to bullies and had since developed a touch skin to combat their stupidity.  That’s what bullies are, stupid people who hate themselves and need to control others to feel better.  

It’s great that a former student attempted to speak in favor for educational R movies.  The board members might pay more attention to a current student’s perspective.  It was an aspect of my education they were arguing and the affected students should be the ones to speak.

There’s a reason people don’t like the speak in public.  All those “What if’s” running around your head and fear of audience criticism.  This venue was the epitome of hostile.  It took a lot for me to stay in line.  Of course I was scared, yet the most important thing was I stuck to my goal.

When it was my turn, I walked to the podium, placed my shaky hands on the sides so no one saw my nervousness, and cleared my mind.  For my allotted time, I became an impenetrable shield to negative comments.  I heard them, yet they had no affect on my emotional state.  Some comments I even answer in my speech.

I spoke of my History class and watching Glory.  How the movie was beneficial because the role of African Americans in the Civil War was only covered by a small paragraph in the book.  

A man sitting in the front shouted at me, “You have no clue what is in that paragraph!  You didn’t even read it because you were watching a stupid movie!”

I replied to his comment, “I did read the paragraph.”

It didn’t adequately describe the condition the African American’s lived in nor the extent of their almost nonexistent supplies.  Furthermore, it didn’t take into account what they had to endure, and their tremendous bravery.  Glory, while Hollywood dramatized, illustrated the points better than a small paragraph.

When I was done, I walked to the back of the room where my mother stood with my head high.  People were watching me, some with glares and some with smiles.  It sucks to put on false bravado for the audience when you’re freaking out on the inside. 

After everyone looked back to the front of the room, I breathed a sigh of relief and my body shook.  That was the most gutsy thing I had ever done in my young life.

During the conclusion of the meeting, a reporter came up to me.  (I didn’t know she was a reporter at the time.)  She asked me a question regarding my speech and my name.

The next day, my grandmother called me excited.  I ended up in the newspaper.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the last time I had to fight for my right to be educated the way I and my mom deemed appropriate. 

When I was sixteen, they tried to have a book and the accompanying class banned.  It was during the summer again and it just so happened that I was signed up to take that class my Junior year.

We knew about the upcoming board meeting a few weeks before.  Mom requested to see the book up for discussion, she spoke with the teachers who taught the class.  Then she made up fliers for me to pass out at school.  

As the future mother of a child with a Masters in Lit degree (even if she had no clue I would eventually have one), she took book banning very seriously.  She correctly thought the public had a right to know what a religious group was doing at a Public High School.

So we found ourselves in the same cafeteria with the same seating.  (We did have seats in the back this time).  

A member of the religious group was first to speak.  (Didn’t want to offend their religious freedom by making them speak second or anything).  They spewed the same tripe concerning the book and class giving teens negative ideas. 

They needed to come up with new material instead of rehashing the same grievances they had for R movies.  This is what happens when you read one book continuously for your entire life:  Lack of imagination for plausible arguments.

Mom spoke second with the same group doing the same boos, hisses, and nasty comments.  There was another long line for volunteers to give their opinions.  The whole thing was shaping up to be a strange deja vu moment.

However, this time there wasn’t a former student brought to tears by harsh comments.  The harsh comments were still there, yet most people attending were old hats at the antics of this particular religious group.  I imagine those not made of sterner stuff stayed seated.

Regardless of championing someone’s hurt feelings, I decided to wait in line again.  This time, banning books didn’t sit well with me.  Besides, I deserved a class that gave me a much needed reprieve from the humdrum seriousness of Hemingway and Steinbeck.  (Really?!  Two straight years of Steinbeck’s The Pearl?  I’m surprised I grew up to love reading the way I do).

When it was my turn at the podium, I stated that the class was a great idea for students who don’t like to read or found the staunch reading material arduous.  

“There’s only so much a student can take of John Steinbeck’s The Pearl.”  My statement produced a few laughs even though I was dead serious.

The class offered students a chance to get to know another genera and a different list of authors while teaching much different works from authors we were academically familiar.

DSCN0493The book contained Macbeth by Shakespeare, Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allen Poe, works by Ray Bradbury, etc.  

Apparently, religious crazies consider Ray Bradbury an evil satanist along with H. P. Lovecraft.  At least Lovecraft didn’t invent a “new religion” that turned into a freaky present day cult.  (Hello, L. Ron Hubbard)!

While I was speaking, I received the same scathing remarks as last time I spoke at the podium.  

This time I made it a point to say teenagers weren’t idiots.  If their children took those books as reality than their parenting skills were woefully inadequate or their children were mentally unstable.  

Perhaps, that’s the line that had religious parents giving threatening “you’re going to burn in hell” notes to their kids to deliver to me.  What parent does that?!  The answer: religiously, unimaginative, and fanatical parents that hate to lose.

If religious fanatics behave that way towards a teen speaking her mind, it’s easy for me to imagine that they would be one hundred times worse at Women’s Clinics.  

I have a friend that’s a pastor and is serious about her faith.  She’s one in a million because she’s also open minded.  We had discussions about the major topics I consider friendship killers.  When we spoke of protestors yelling at female patients walking into abortion clinics, she said something that really stuck with me.  

She said, “Those women don’t need to be yelled at.  They need a hug instead.”

It wasn’t judgmental, it was very supportive.  I’m ashamed to say that while I’m severely annoyed at those religious nut jobs, I’m more annoyed at myself for not thinking of the patients and how they likely need a hug from an understanding individual. 

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***Edit: Checked embedded links and added Jamie DeWolf YouTube video.

Gender Typing Emotions, Words, and Inanimate Objects

cry-iconI’m an emotional person.  My mom likes to make fun of me and my propensity of wearing my heart on my sleeve.  Occasionally, she’s even called me weak.

Yet I choose not to listen to her opinion and that’s all it is:  An opinion.

I’ve been in and out of counseling through my life.  When I started, my high school made it mandatory that I go.  Perhaps it was noted in my student files that I was bullied in middle school and had a few issues because of it.

It doesn’t matter why or what was written in my files to instigate the counseling sessions.  I’m just happy they did it.

Adults are complex in their feelings, children even more.  With adults, they’ve lived long enough to understand, at least, the basics of their emotions.  They don’t do anything about their emotions because they’re mostly stubborn when it comes to change.  A few people come to mind as I think about it now.

Children have no idea that their problem doesn’t stem from one specific emotion.  They’re a cauldron of mixing, steaming emotions.  When they’re teens, they’re powder kegs of volcanic emotions.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

If they were allowed to readily express their emotions, talk about them, and grasp a better understanding of what they’re feeling and why they’re feeling that way, it would help their development.  They would become better well-adjusted adults.

In my journey of emotional discovery, I’ve noticed I’m a chronic cryer.  I cry when I’m happy, sad, and angry.  When I read or watch anything remotely heartwarming, I cry.  Sad moments in books and movies will make me cry buckets.  I purposely stay away from tearjerkers because I know I’m going to cry an ocean.

Stories in the news regarding animals are especially tear inducing.   They remind me there are great people in the world who go into garbage dumps to rescue an emaciated dog covered in mange, sores, and insects.  Then they take them to the vet, clean them up, and nurse them back to health.

Those stories also remind me that people suck.  Just today I read a news story about an injured otter in Norway that was out of it’s mind with pain wandered into a restaurant and terrorized the customers or went on a rampage.

That otter didn’t terrorize anyone.  It was in pain and in protection mode.  The otter was cut up from a propeller and breathing heavy.

Wildlife officials were called to the scene, and officer Hakan Sunde was bitten on the finger by the marine mammal…

Sadly, the otter’s injuries were so severe that it had to be euthanized. Rest in peace, little otter.

All that crying I do when it comes to animal stories, movies, and anything else labels me as weak.

Yet, I would disagree greatly.  I’m not weak.  My abundant tears and ready emotions make me strong.

Why is crying considered weak?  Why are any emotions considered weak?

An emotion or act isn’t weak or strong.  It’s something we do.  It’s who we are.  Male, female, young, or old either cries or has the capacity to cry.

Crying is considered weak because humans label it as such.  People give a natural inclination a negative connotation.  There are many things in this world that’s just a feeling, a word, or a thing.  Yet, they’re labeled in an attempt to make them something they’re not.

the-dianthus-flowerThe color pink is what we call a colorful visual representation we find in nature.  Pink is made by mixing the colors red and white.  The color is named after a flower.

Yet, people label it as feminine or a color only women should possess in any capacity.  The color is not male or female, it’s simply considered feminine because people label it as such, making it way more than just a color.

People give things masculine and feminine connotations.

A boy in South Carolina chose a My Little Pony lunchbox for school.  He likes the cartoon show and it’s message of friendship.

In my opinion, his parents are doing a fabulous job of encouraging this positive influence by allowing him to express his preference in television shows with a lunchbox.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees it this way especially impressionable children with a gender label obsession substantiated by their parents and school officials.  The poor boy was being bullied by his classmates for having the lunchbox.  Furthermore, it wasn’t only verbal abuse.  These kids physically abused him.

The school’s response?  They instructed [him] to start bringing his lunch in something else because school officials believe the bag — not the bullying — is the real problem.

The school responds by blaming the victim.  He invited his classmates to bully him by bringing a My Little Pony lunchbox that’s so obviously a girl’s lunchbox.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?  The mother thought so.

Grayson’s mom, Noreen, is also defending her son, calling the school out for excusing bullying rather than taking action against it. “Saying a lunchbox is a trigger for bullying is like saying a short skirt is a trigger for rape. It’s flawed logic; it doesn’t make any sense,” she said.

Perhaps, the way to tackle the world’s rape epidemic is to first tackle gender typing.

Why must things be male or female?  We are people, we are equal.  That boy should be able to bring his lunchbox to school and not be harassed.  I admire him for his strength.  I sincerely hope this moment will not set him back in freely expressing himself and I hope that he grows into a wonderful adult.