Behind the Common Sense Curtain

I’m R.K. Bishop:  a scholar, writer, and avid reader.  In my daily life, I’m a high school substitute hoping to one day get a full-time job at her work place.  I dream about gaining the courage to apply to a Ph.D. program and be accepted.

The world is a harsh place filled with stereotypes, idiots, and wrongness.  Fortunately, I’ve found a measure of happiness and wish the same for others.  There are people in this world I’ll never understand.  To me, they lack common sense and the knowledge to function in a simple world.  Some of these people even lead my country (U.S.A.).

I’m not here to produce a popular blog nor am I here to write unbiased stories.  This blog is all about me voicing my opinions.

There were instances in my life when I’ve been bullied.  Sometimes I was physically and mentally bullies and others I was subtly bullied.  Yet, each instance resulted in the same result, to silence me.

No one should be silenced either by bullying or through other methods.  They especially should not be silenced if they’re speaking out against wrong doing.  Everyone’s opinion matters (even an idiot’s opinion).  Then why shouldn’t my opinion matter?

This blog is my world where my opinion matters to a few and one day, maybe it’ll matter to many.  My voice will be heard.


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