Being Out Grinched by Hate

zombie_santaIn previous years, I have been inspired to write a Grinch post.  Despite all my attempts at not writing one this year, I find it a lesson in futility.  Unfortunately, the abundance of hypocrisy from most American Christians galls me into spilling my grievances onto my blog.  Most of this post contain things I have ranted about in the past and feel the need to continue ranting.  (At least, I feel it bares repeating).  It is my wish the end of this post will be less Ginchy and more preachy.  There is altogether too much hate rippling through this country without adding the bah humbug aspect to an already tense situation – even though that is exactly what I am doing.

When I see most Christians, I see overly hyped religious insanity.  These are people who celebrate the birth of a fictitious guy who practices magic in the name of a God who may or may not exist.  Their zealotry worsens in the last three months of the year.

It starts with October and Halloween.  They decry a pagan holiday by calling it evil and a day for worshiping the devil.  After all, witchcraft is insidiously practiced by immoral people who believe in false Gods (and the devil).  Of course, we must forget that these baseless accusations come from people who worships a dude who practiced magic.  Though, Christians do no find this brand of magic evil because the man is named Jesus.

Then there is November and Thanksgiving.  American Christians feel a little more giving than usual.  They donate food to organizations who voluntarily cook a Thanksgiving meal to homeless people, or they are the volunteers.  While dishing out overcooked vegetables, they feel an inflated sense of self-importance because they were generous with their time and money (in the most frugal sense).

As the Christians sit around their Family Values perfect Thanksgiving table, they can be assured they did a good deed.  Perhaps they do it to forget the skeletons in the familial closet or to get a good nap in front of a sports game after stuffing themselves silly.

What about that perfect Thanksgiving table?  What about the family members that would rather be elsewhere than attempting to engage in conversations uncommon to them or uncomfortable small talk?  How about all the family fighting that starts at the Thanksgiving table?  It must be an epidemic this time of year especially when writers felt the need to publish articles on how to avoid conversations involving politics at the family gathering.

Why take pride in a traditional family gathering that does not promote togetherness, but how to be in the same room and separate?  After the meal, do all the family members clean up then play boardgames?  It is actually the opposite.

The female members clean up after the meal while strategizing their Black Friday shopping.  The male members go into the living room, turn on football, and free their bellies from the confines of their pants.  The kids do not go off and play.  They pull out their various electronic equipment and pretend the real world does not exist.

Finally, there is December.  Through most of the year those American Christians sneer at poor people and call them lazy thieves.  In their mind, what else can they be?  Poor people thrive off the backs of the rest of the country through government handouts.  Since they get money for free, why would they ever want to work?

First, the last question makes me angry.  Poor people want to work.  They do not want a handout.  They are painfully aware of the opinions from their fellow misinformed American citizens.

Second, the poor do not choose to be poor.  They got that way through circumstances beyond their control.

Third, most cannot get a job because of several reasons.  Some include an aging workforce or lack of a physical address.  Employers do not want to hire someone above a certain age.  This is called ageism.  There are also employers who will not hire someone because they lack an actual address.  When a person is homeless, they have no address and cannot work.  It is a circular problem with little to no way out.  There are very few programs that are designed to help the poor find a job let alone a home.  In some states, the programs are set up for homeless veterans only.  While it is admirable to take care of our vets, not all homeless Americans fought in a war or served.

Despite most American Christian views of the homeless being lazy thieves, December is a time for them to be generous to all people they consider to be degenerate lowlifes.  It is the Christian thing to do in December and not any other time of year.

stop_religionWhile they are practicing their piousness and putting aside their baseless biases, they are shoving Christmas and their religion down the throats of everyone in their vicinity despite the religious beliefs of their neighbors.  Personally, I view crosses as signs of torture and the nativity scene an obviously flawed myth I am constantly forced to view this time of year.  If I say anything against these symbols of Christianity, they scream that I am stifling their religious freedom and I am shoving my beliefs down their throats.

I find most Christians barely tolerable through the year.  Seeing quotes of the bible, their abundance of liberally displayed religious paraphernalia, and hearing their insincere have a blessed day are like nails on a chalkboard.  They get downright annoying from the end of October to the end of November and entirely insufferable in December.

Regardless, I wish the status quo of all that religious tripe back instead of the hate riddled uncertainty of this year.

Americans are a people of oppression and greed.  Our ancestors stole land from the indigenous people and later attempted genocide.  They brought slaves from Africa and other countries and they considered it their legal right.  Our ancestors fought a war among each other because of their many differences instead of resolving those differences peacefully.  Finally, we are willfully destroying the environment to the detriment of future generations and citing religion as justification.

That is only a small list of our flaws.

We should be a country that learns from our history and the history of the countries our ancestors came (sometimes ran) from.  As a nation, we should come together to make a better place for people to live, we should be an example of human decency.  Tolerance should be our mantra.  Our children should be learning empathy along with fact-based materials in our homes and schools.  Workers should be paid fairly to support their families.  We should have the best healthcare system with affordable drugs and a single payer option for all.

Yet, we are and have none of these things.  We are a country where hate wins.

We allow the most degenerate sludge of society ruin our country with their abundantly greedy natures, lying tongues, and thoroughly false beliefs.  This should be a safe country for immigrants attempting to find a secure place to live away from war, poverty, and injustice.  Instead, it has become a hostile country for immigrants where the truly illiterate lemmings and equally illiterate demagogue forget they are ultimately descended from immigrants.

This country has egregiously wronged the Native Americans in the past and they are still suffering from our most greedy citizens and leaders.  The indigenous people of this country should be the most respected and listened too.  Yet, our country showers them with water cannons in freezing temperatures.  Meanwhile, armed miscreants privileged by their gender and color of their skin can safely desecrate a wildlife refuge with no resistance and little consequence.

Struggle-iconI hear my fellow decent Americans view this with a weary sigh and say they are tired of fighting.  Honestly, I am tired of fighting too.  Yet, my weary country people and I will not stop fighting.  Someone has to step up and push back against the hate.  The decent American people who sat out the multitudes of fights should get up and help.  Perhaps, if we fight long and hard enough, this will be a great peaceful country.


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