Book Review: Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

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Sorry about the lateness continuing my book reviews.  Work has me running around like a mad person and wearing me out.  Basically, I’ve been sleeping as soon as I get home and I just don’t feel like thinking on the weekends.  Despite my vigorous daily insanities at my job, I fear I’m getting too lazy.  I will endeavor to throw out at least one blog post a week.  It might be a book review or some random thoughts.  (Though, I do have a few new books to review and I should update my list).

Siege and Storm


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Siege and StormThe last book ended when Alina and Mal ran away.  I honestly can’t blame them.  Politics is toxic pool of vipers.  It has a way of corrupting people or making people want to run.

Unfortunately, the Darkling is a particularly attractive viper interested in overthrowing the government.

Alina and Mal live in happy squalor.  From their perspective, poverty is preferable to a powerfully dark being wanting complete control over Alina and her powers.

What they don’t understand is like attracts like and the Darkling has a way of finding Alina.  With Alina and Mal as the Darkling’s prisoners, he takes them on a journey to find Alina’s second amplifier.

In this book we discover there’s more to Mal than just an average soldier.  He has extraordinary tracking skills.  Yet, while this serves the purposes of the Darkling, Mal’s lack of magic frustrates him because he can’t protect Alina.

It seems that there’s more to the Darkling as well.  He’s not just an overly powerful, hot preppy who’s really good at turning on the charm.  The Darkling is a man who’s lived too long and is alone in his immortality.  It seems to have driven him mad.

Also, the book delves further into the history of the legendary amplifiers.  If a reader is hoping to get more answers in this book, they’ll get it.  They’ll also be frustrated because their answers will leave them with infinitely more questions.

Alina grows stronger in this book.  While still fascinated by the Darkling and susceptible to his charms, she’s able to resist him.  She might have a need to understand him, but she also knows that he must be defeated.

This was an awesome second installment to the trilogy.  It’s rare that I find a series that keeps me turning pages from one book to the next and eager to get my hands on the each book after the previous one ends.

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