Popularity: What’s the point?

I regularly check Facebook.  It’s easy to stroll through news titles and information regarding favorite movies, books, and tv shows.  Sometimes, I’m even interested in my friends’ lives.

While I understand the 1K likes or greater on news statuses and famously awesome people like George Takei (I swear this guy is more popular now than when the first Star Trek episodes first aired), I’m baffled concerning the double and sometimes, triple digits regarding the status’s of individuals.

Heart-Shy-iconI’m lucky to get a few likes on any given day.  Once I had ten likes and a share on a photo of my first publication.  I appreciate the outpouring of my friends regarding my first publication, yet there’s been nothing of that magnitude – or more – since.

It’s not from lack of trying.  I’ve posted cute photos of my cats.  [Human baby’s get more likes and comments than my cats.  I feel favoring tiny people over furry cuteness is some kind of racism…speciesism(?)].  I’ve captioned pictures to make them funny.  No likes or shares.  I try and make my statuses funny by placing unique spins on everyday situations.  Couple of likes and I think I received an occasional share. 

I share interesting, sweet, or whatever news coverage with the occasional comment.  There have been a few comments, likes, and shares.

Then there’s my blog.  I love my blog and I’m even considering buying the WordPress package to personalize it more and get rid of those ads.  Is it worth it?

My blog posts are e-mailed to 900+ people and is liked by 40+ WordPress users.  When I post, there’s a Facebook update and a Tweet that goes out.  I even go as far as posting the links to subject appropriate Facebook groups.

I get a comment once in a while.  The highest Facebook likes went as high as 7 (I think three of them were me posting them to groups since it registers on the post as a like).  I appreciate the  interest of the few fans I have, yet I still don’t get it.

It doesn’t matter how interesting I attempt to make my posts.  I try to be funny and sarcastic.  Some of the pictures in my latest posts were those I’ve personally taken to correspond with those posts.  I’ve learned how to take free graphics and manipulate them to make them post appropriate.

When it comes to raising the popularity of my blog, I’ve read the WordPress advice and the advice of other popular blogs.  They’ve worked…a little.  Likely, because I don’t do everything they tell me.  I don’t want to sign up to more social websites.  Facebook and Twitter are all I can handle.

I’ve strolled through the Freshly Pressed section of WordPress to like posts, follow blogs, and comment.  Although, I’m not going through there like a crazy person liking and following everything and everyone to gain notoriety.  I only did that to people I like.

The problem is there weren’t very many posts I liked.  I didn’t understand the popularity of some blogs and others weren’t geared towards me.  I clicked on the tags:  Democrat, Progressive, Liberal, and Politics.  These are topics that apply to me and interest me.  They were mostly filled with posts by far right people slamming Liberals. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not above slamming them.  I’ve done it at least twice and one was my most popular post.  Yet, I was bummed at the lack of Liberal support.  Maybe I was searching on the wrong days.

Anyway, it boggles my mind the way regular people can start a blog and it’s super popular.  I don’t get people taking pictures, posting them to social media, and it goes “viral.”

Perhaps popularity in the real world and cyber world is like winning the lottery.  You either have the aura that attracts people to you in droves, to wish to be like you, or you stand against the wall as an outsider looking in.  Comparably, it’s your words that attract people in the cyber world. 

It doesn’t matter how vexing the prose or idiotic the topic, people have to read it.  Some people can turn a sentence.  They find a combination of words that transfix the reader, traps them within the paragraphs of the post until the very end.

heart-blue-iconMaybe I’m not destined for cyber popularity.  I’m comforted to know that there are some people in the world that read my posts.  It’s my profound wish that my words help them to think about the world they live in, to gain different perspectives, and to get ideas.

Popularity is overrated…unless you’re George Takei.  Then you’re just fantastically classy.


One thought on “Popularity: What’s the point?

  1. Al says:

    (1) Facebook is overrated.
    (2) I have it on good authority that yer mama will always love you. B-)

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