Suspension of Negativity

Smiley-grumpy-2-iconSometimes the world seems too much.  There’s too much crime, too much stupidity, and too much frustration to send a normal person into a deep oubliette of depression.

A few people call it reality, which it is.  It’s a reality that reminds most people that they have little control over their lives.  They can be fired from their cushy jobs at a moments notice.  A lot of Americans can’t find work that pays a living wage with benefits for their families.  It’s not for lack of trying as Republicans would have their constituents believe.

Poor people and the working poor are the hardest working people in the country.  They have to be in order to survive.  Worse, they live with the constant worry that tomorrow might be the day that they or their families starve.

Those of use who have a heart hurt for these people.  We wish there was something we could do outside of giving to charities.  Those who run the charities wish they could do more.

Reading and watching the news doesn’t make things better.  There are many days where it’s nothing but bad news.  Another shooting occurred at a school, a stray bullet hit child having at the dinner table from a drive by, or a supposedly moral Republican said something stupid to appeal to their ignorant, inbreed, zealot gun-toting “Constitution loving” base.

This is the reality that we live in yet we forget this is only part of the picture.  There’s another reality that isn’t so negative or depressing.

It’s a reality that’s hardly reported in the news.  If it is reported, than it’s at small news outlets buried under the grime regularly regarded as “news.”

Meet two sections of the Huffington Post:  Good News and Weird News.  I frequent these sections when I’m saddened by everything else.   (Post continues below.)


Sure some people might find these pages stupid yet these pages remind me there are good people in the world and silly things happen.

Their part of my routine to be surrounded in positivity when the negativity gets too much.  I read these pages, I watch shows and movies that make me feel good.  Everything I do restores my fragile belief that I’m not the only decent person in the world.  There are others like me who’ve survived worse and overcome odds most people would consider Impossible.

Life is rough.  When humanity takes one step forward, it seems that we take two steps back.  Sometimes we get tired and don’t want to deal with all the negativity.

We need to remember the world isn’t made of all the negativity we routinely see on the news.  There’s a lot of positivity in the world and we need a little reminder.

While the news is right in reporting crime and the many injustices of the world, it should spend equal time reporting on the good things.

The Huffington Post’s Good News section may not have a plethora of new good news stories everyday, at least it has a whole page dedicated to good things.  They need to go one step further and put it’s link in a prominent place on their homepage.  Good news that’s easily located after reading all the crap.

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