America Sighs in Relief After Dodging an Election Day Bullet: Down with the Tea Partiers

A few days after the election and there’s still a little pandaemonium.  Some Republican incumbents, or hopefuls, are contesting the ballot counts.  The only one I’m still watching is Allen West (R-FL).  The American people know he’s gone, I know he’s gone, the only person who refuses to accept the writing on the wall…is Mr. West.

Perhaps he will remain in his fantasy world all the way through to January.

While I don’t need tarot cards to tell me that West is history, I did need them for the Presidential election.  I wanted to know if my fellow Americans would walk down the insane path to the tune of the Tea Party.

At the time I did my reading, not even the Universe knew what would happen.  Destiny was literally in the hands of the American people.  With the help of state Republicans and those day to day contrasting polling reportes by American news outlets, Americans do know how to put suspense into the hearts of the world.

November 6th was spent in front of my television with my laptop, popcorn, and sleeping cat anxiously awaiting the returns to roll in.  While numbers from the east coast states and some southern states scrolled across my screen, I didn’t care about them.  These were states that were set in their voting ways.  What I was really concentrating on was Ohio.

When I did that tarot reading, I had an image of the states as important parts in a well-oiled machine.  Then I saw someone try to put a “wrench” in the machine by the part that represented Ohio.  The “wrench” was the GOP.

The image was fuzzy instead of clear.  If the image was clear, it meant that the GOP would successfully infiltrate the national voting machine and rig the election, or at least create a big chaotic mess.  A fuzzy image means there was a possibility of it happening.

The second MSNBC called Ohio for Obama, I knew that most battleground states would fall like dominos, which they did…sort of since Florida is still not called.  The other tarot reading I promised wasn’t needed.  Either way, it wasn’t a very close race and Mitt Romney realized that an hour after Ohio was called.

Honestly, I was surprised that he gave a concession speech instead of fight it out since the Republicans love their delusions.  Wait a moment, that wasn’t really his “concession” speech.  Rumor had it that he only wrote an acceptance speech.  Hence, Romney gave an acceptance speech yet changed a few words to turn it into a concession speech.

I know many leaders in several countries were saying prayers to whatever god they worship that Americans would reelect President Barack Obama.  Not because Obama is a push over.  If you look at what he’s done concerning foreign policy, he’s far from a push over.  Yet, the Republicans won’t take my, or any reasonable, word on it.

The big question that I and my academically intelligent friends are wondering, will this new Congress and Senate (which Democrats gained a few seats in both) work with the President in properly fixing our country?

The odious Republican twins Mitch McConnell (KY) and John Boehner (OH) are saying – almost in unison – only if President Obama will meet their demands.  Doesn’t sound like they’re ready to get serious and deal, which means they’re still slaves to the Tea Party “our way or the highway” mentality.

Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) had a close call in the election.  She only won by 500 votes.  Not millions, not thousands, hundreds.  My friend, A (who’s a political enthusiast), always told me that one vote always counts because you never know if two candidates are tied and they need that one vote to win.  This is as close to “one vote” as I’ve seen it get.

If there are 501 registered voters who didn’t vote living in Minnesota’s 6th District who dislike Bachmann, I hope you’re kicking yourself in the jimmy for not voting.  The Tea Party caucus may have gone up in smoke since she’s the one responsible for it.

Along with the up and down outcomes of the election, there were a few comical moments.

One of my favorites happen to be Karl Rove on Fox News.  When Fox News officials called Ohio for Obama, he didn’t believe it.  He argued so strenuously, that he caused Magyn Kelly to take a mic and a camera down the hall to interview the employees who analyze the ballot numbers and make the call.

I thought it was such a ridiculous fiasco that I wanted to share it with you.

Karl Rove was likely freaking out because he spent over $300 million of fat cat money, promised to deliver the American government to them, and most of his efforts (except for the 1%…irony?) failed.  Now he has to answer to the fat cats and explain why he failed.

Instead of explaining or fabricating a pathetic excuse, Karl Rove pointed to the left and said, “It’s their fault.”  That’s right!  He blamed the Democrats.  I wanted to share that with you too.

It’s the same old Republican song, different verse.

Anyway, I’m highly pleased with the outcome of the election.  It’ll be interesting if the future I predicted with the tarot cards comes true.


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