An Election Day Tarot Reading

I love reading the tarot cards and seeing if my predictions coincide with actual events.  In this reading, I asked, “Will Obama be President for the next four years?”

For those of you who read tarot as well, I used a layout called “The Path.”  In other words, I’m reading the destined path of the subject.  The first couple of cards (side by side) represents the physical aspect of the subject, the second is the mental, the third is the relationship, the fourth is career, the fifth is spiritual, and the last lone card is the overall outcome.

Although, the reading I did for President Obama doesn’t have a definite “outcome” yet.  Destiny is still undecided for this election.  This reading focused more on the President’s thoughts and feelings now and what will happen if he wins.  The outcome card acts more like an “advice” card.

1. Queen of Pentacles and The Fool

The Queen represents Michelle Obama.  She is a supportive, loving wife, and an infallible source of strength.  I feel that she’s his pillar and as long as she’s channeling support to him, he’ll keep going.  The Fool represents Obama’s confidence and boldness.  He understands this election is a leap of faith.  Yet, he’s already planning for another Presidency.  He’ll use his experience from the last four years to do a few things differently for the good of the nation.

2. Six of Cups and King of Cups

Obama relies on his family to keep him in a positive mood.  Through his family, he is the master of his emotions.  He might get frustrated or saddened, but he will always get a boost from spending time with his wife and daughters.

3. Two of Swords and Four of Wands

The Two of Swords represent POTUS’s heart and mind in conflict.  He’s unsure who to trust outside of the four people he already trust (represented by the Four of Wands).  I perceive the four trusted people as Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton, his family (represented by one person since they are a single force of positivity), and Nancy Pilosy.  For some reason, I’m not entirely sure about Nancy.  Her image seems to be a little fuzzy whereas the others are very clear.  Since he’s aware that there are people conspiring against him, he’s developed a few trust issues.

 4. Eight of Cups and Three of Cups

Before I reached the “outcome” card, I perceived these two cards together as a solid indication that Obama would be reelected.  What it really meant was that this is what to expect if he is reelected.  After reelection, the President is determined to move forward.  He takes his campaign slogan to heart.  With the Three of Cups, he’ll bring the Congress and Senate together as one body…or it could represent the three branches of government in agreement.  Either way, I feel Obama has a plan to bring harmony back to the government.  A feeling I receive outside the cards: The way he causes this harmony may not be entirely…ethical.

5. Queen of Wands and Death

While this position represents “spiritual” it might not mean the “spirituality” of the person being read.  In this case, it pertains to the spirit, or emotions, of a mass of people.  Obama’s renewed passion and enthusiasm after winning the election will change the spirit of America.  Americans will be reinvigorated and will have a positive outlook about the future.  Side note: For those of you who are unfamiliar with the cards, Death very rarely means physical death.  It heralds change.  If it’s good or bad change, depends on the card that are around it.  In this case, it’s good change.

 6. The Lovers

For this reading, The Lovers doesn’t mean what generally pops into the minds of most people.  The card is acting as a destiny card.  It means the destiny of President Obama is in the hands of the American people.  The card is cautioning the nation to “choose wisely,” and ultimately means that there is no definitive outcome yet.


This is an extremely interesting and unusual reading.  I’ve never had the cards do a “fork in the road” reading.  Essentially, we, as a nation, are at a fork in the road.  There are two paths we could choose.  The cards were reading the “President Obama is reelected path” since I was focused completely on Obama.

Tarot cards are filled with advice to help us live our lives.  If you haven’t made it to the polls yet, take the advice of The Lovers card and choose wisely before you definitively check the box.

I welcome all conversation including insights!

***I’ll do another reading after the polls close to see if an outcome presents itself.  You never know if the winner of the popular vote is the winner of the electoral vote.  It could be 2000 election all over again.


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