Birth Control Intricacies and Whiney Corporate Politicians

Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to post anything for my loyal fans this week.  There was nothing sufficiently inspiring.  Not that I didn’t have some idea on what I would like to write.  Yet, for a decent sized post, I needed more stimulation.  Now I have it.

What has sparked my irrefutable infuriated muse?  The answer is incredibly simplistic:  Fox News and women’s issues.

I love to spend my nights on MSNBC until a certain time when I switch the channel and watch my favorite shows (Royal Pains, Eureka, Suits, etc.).  Fortunately for me, Ed Schultz is on to stave off the boredom until then and I make it a point not to miss him.  He’s so passionate in his simplification of intricate facts so everyone can understand.  As Ed says, he fights for the common person.  Evidently, he has a talent delivering facts that the common person can digest.  Let’s face it, not everyone has a college degree that can easily understand the intricacies of politics or the language.

I digress.  I have a friend who watches TV with me and she loves to switch the channel to Fox News during commercial breaks “to hear what contemptuous vitriol the ‘other side’ is spewing.”  Personally, I could care less since Fox News invokes a little spewing of my own in the form of literal bile (delicate gag reflex).

During one of these sojourns into forbidden territory, we happened upon the Bill O’Reilly Show (gagging just thinking about it).  Bill has a few days of the week off and in his place is this blond woman with an annoyingly nasal voice named Laura Ingraham.

She’s the woman who insists women can go to the Wal-Mart pharmacy and buy birth control for $9.99.  This statement is incredibly complicated.  A woman can’t walk up to Wally World’s pharmacy section to easily grab accessible birth control like a pack of cheap condoms.

When a woman is considering birth control, the first thing she needs is to visit her doctor’s office – if she’s lucky enough to win the health insurance lottery – or a clinic like, you guessed it, Planned Parenthood.  A woman needs a prescription for birth control because she must go over her options with a medical professional.  Not all birth control is created equal.

When you’re choosing which birth control to use, you have a lot to think about. “Age is one of the first things to consider,” says Dr. Thomas Migliaccio, a gynecologist in Hoboken, N.J. “But you also need to factor in your menstrual and medical histories, convenience, and cost.”

If a woman is in the 20-30 age range, her birth control options are a little broader than women who are over the age of 30.  While a vast number of women would like to remain under 30 for the rest of their lives, they can’t stop time.

This means the generic $9.99 pill that Laura word-vomits like clockwork is not a viable option for women over 30.  The cheapest viable option for those women cost $50 and there’s no less expensive, generic version.

Where did I get the information and quotes (if you haven’t clicked on the provided link already)?  On the Fox News website!  Laura can’t complain that I wasn’t fair when her own network is providing information that she obviously isn’t reading.

Let’s explore that $9.99 Wally World version a little.  The $9.99 birth control cost is only a small part of the total cost.  I reiterate that every woman needs a prescription for birth control.  Women who are lucky Health Insurance card carriers have to shell out a co-pay anywhere from $25-35.  The rest of us have to go to clinics (if they’re available) that operate on a sliding pay scale based on a patient’s annual income.  If they don’t insist on examining you, then the cost might be ~$35-40.  Factor in an exam for women who haven’t been on birth control in years, it might be ~$55 and up.

Now add the cost of birth control to the doctor or clinic appointment and the total cost of birth control for women is $35 and up.

If the woman is working with low income and happens to have access to Planned Parenthood, the cost could be $0 depending on the State you reside.  Some Planned Parenthood area web sites provide an estimate calculator to give you an idea of what a woman might pay…or a MAN…for a visit.  Yes, they do cater to the sexual health of men.

It’s a sad, sad day when women are against women.  I try very hard not to utilize odious stereotypes…except the insane Conservative stereotype that’s mostly true.  Unfortunately, the blond Laura Ingraham is not doing any favors for women, especially blonds, when she plays into the stereotype.

I find it incredibly hard to imagine that she graduated from an Ivy League college like Dartmouth.  She should know the intricateness regarding birth control and the health benefits they have for women.  It’s incredibly obvious that she’s grandstanding for ratings and money.  There’s a special place in her Christian hell waiting for her.

Laura displays an alarming lack of perspective a lot of Conservatives are adopting.

There’s a Republican Wisconsin U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde who deserves to have his head examined because

he is exasperated with media coverage of “sad personal stories” about Americans who have been affected by the Great Recession. Evidently tired of reading about low-income or homeless individuals unable to access basic needs…

He wants them to cover more important issues include lowering the corporate tax rate and the national deficit.

There’s a reason why media highlights those “sad personal stories”.  The media is giving a voice to the “low-income or homeless individuals” who are “unable to access basic needs.”  These people usually don’t have a loud enough voice and are often forgotten.  Yet, why the influx of stories?  Because middle class families are losing their jobs due to offshore outsourcing, hence finding themselves among the ranks of the low-income or homeless for the first time in their lives.

The media wants the average American, and Conservatives, to understand that most people who need help aren’t “welfare queens” or people “taking advantage of the system.”  Media is attacking the negative stereotypes and brings to light the truth of the people who need social services like food stamps.

Hovde, the media doesn’t need to cover lower corporate tax rates because corporations can afford to tout their own propaganda on TV.  It’s called “commercialism” and they’re easily taking advantage without the benefit of media…with the exception of Fox News.  Just look at this propagandist commercial that insists fracking is “clean” and “safe” for the people and the environment.

Of course fracking is safe…and fun!  Fracking is so safe that those chemicals they inject at a high velocity to break up the shale escape into the drinking water of nearby residents and makes it flammable.  If you’re a certified firebug, than you can have hours of fun turning your faucet into a flamethrower.

Want to commit suicide?  You don’t have to worry about different methodologies when fracking makes suicide amazingly simplistic.  Go ahead and take a shower with a lighter!

Sorry, Hovde.  Corporations have no problems using their own money to blatantly lie to the American people.


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