Wisconsin Will Recall Scott Walker

To the people of Wisconsin that feel the oppression of Governor Scott Walker and his wealthy backers.  I hope those who are able to vote in Wisconsin elections do so today.  You are sending a precedent for the November election and future elections in America.

Please remember that Unions aren’t the Sci-Fi alien monsters that Republicans have labeled them.  Unionized workers are not making loads of money hand over fist.  They can’t afford gigantic two story houses with finished basements complete with a game room and stocked bar.  That’s what Republicans want you to believe.  That’s what corporations and billionaires who buy those Republicans want you to believe.

Jobs were not lost because of the Unions demanding unsurmountable wages from businesses.  They were lost because corporations and their CEOs’ saw dollar signs, a way for them to pocket more money while cheating hard working middle class people out of their livelihoods.  That’s why they shipped jobs overseas.

Union workers live like everyone else and they are paid less than they should.  Teachers, firefighters, and police should be paid more than what they are getting.  There should be more people employed in these professions.  Instead they’re being fired due to lack of funding.  Why is there a lack of funding?  Because puppet Republicans such as Scott Walker are taking away funding in the guise of “balancing the budget” when it, in fact, goes to pay for lower taxes for the rich.

People of Wisconsin, show the Republicans, the Tea Party, the Koch brothers, and other greed driven individuals and organizations that our government cannot be bought by unimaginable spending.  The citizens of America are in charge of the American government.  Our Declaration of Independence was a statement of these beliefs and our Constitution was written to preserve them.  This truly is a country “for the people by the people.”  The President, Congress, Senate, and their State equivalent work for the American people and it is within the power of the American people to fire those who are not listening to our voice.  It is the job of every American citizen to hold these people accountable for their actions.

Right now there are Republican politicians who want to play political games with our country and the lives of the ordinary people.  This game is completely dangerous and can explode in their faces.  If that happens, if the American people let it happen, everyone loses not just Republicans.  When Wisconsin recalls their tyrannical Governor, they are being good citizens by doing their jobs and voting.  Every vote counts in this election.  Don’t think otherwise.

My heart, hope, and best wishes go toward the best outcome for your election…throwing out Scott Walker and welcoming Tom Barrett as your new Governor.

One thought on “Wisconsin Will Recall Scott Walker

  1. Al says:

    Naturally, the GOP version of the story mentions nothing about the Middle Class paying for the Upper Class tax cuts:


    “The dynamic of economic growth and capitalism, by contrast, is built around the future: anticipating and adapting to changes in the marketplace, incorporating new inventions and technologies to produce more at a lower cost, finding workers who are willing to leave work in an industry that’s unprofitable to go to one that is (just as millions of Americans left dirt poor farms in the 20th century to work in factories and plants).

    Families, like capitalism, look to the future. How will we pay the mortgage next month and next year? How can we help our kids to get to college? Will they have a better life than their parents? In 2010 Wisconsin families realized that future was about to be crushed under an avalanche of debts and rising taxes. They asked Scott Walker to find a solution, and he did. The unions fought a brighter future for the sake of a disastrous present — one that even doomed their own jobs — and lost.”


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