If you are an avid reader of my blog, you might notice that I haven’t posted anything of substance in a week or two.  I do have an excuse for that!

In a moment of insane brilliance (or not), I have decided to try podcasting.  It may not be interesting.  After all, I did start this blog to keep up with my writing and I’m going to begin podcasting to help out with my public speaking.  I know that public speaking actually involves a conference room and an audience.

You could say that I’m splitting the two.  I use the high school classroom to get used to small, concentrated audiences.  The podcast will help me to “speak off the cuff” with just a small outline and maybe some quotes from researched sources.  It’ll also help me with my timing.  In conferences, you only have twenty minutes to a half hour to speak.  As a bonus, I get a very, very small insight into broadcasting.  Instead of huge equipment in a room built for sound quality and a few radio workers, I have a laptop, a headset, and myself.

Should I call it low-tech or the poor man’s broadcast?

Call it what you will.  Yet, I am determined to get my voice out into the public (even though it’s a very small public) and be heard.  Who knows?  I might become a truly awesome public speaker someday…at least a beloved professor or a decent author that happens to make lunch money with the profit from her books?

Anyway, I will put up the link so my small audience(?) or the curious bistandard that happens to trip across my blog might download it.  Any material that I use in the show (i.e., resources) will be posted right here on the blog.

One last thing.  The podcast will have the same title as my blog.  I’m still trying to find common sense in the world around me so why come up with a nifty new name?


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