Follow Up: a sign of inequality…

War on Birth Control

As I went through the political news this morning, I came across an article by Robert Creamer with one sentence that sums up the GOP’s War on Birth Control: …if men could get pregnant, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. This one sentence touches on the lack of equality between the sexes and the blatant lack of respect the GOP has for women. I and several other writers repeat each other in saying women’s health should not be used as political fodder. Creamer explains why this convoluted War on Birth Control — that I consider to be a War on Women — has likely damaged the GOP.

The GOP insists that their stance is less government. Yet, their actions seem to suggest otherwise. Republican presidential candidate hopeful Rick Santorum believes birth control to be immoral. If he were president, his theology would lead his decisions. This means he would try to outlaw all forms of birth control disallowing women the right to control their own bodies and potentially putting some women’s health in danger.

Creamer further pointed out the Terri Schiavo insident. It is unconstitutional for the government to infringe on the private lives of the American citizens. That is exactly what the Republican controlled govenrment at the time did and the current candidates (and those still in office) wish continue to doing. They want to control our lives and allow the big money 1% to exploit the rest of the US.

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